Monday, July 24, 2017


I have literally had the most amazing week adventuring in Alaska. This week I have received my first flying lesson over glaciers and mountains, kayaked in between glacier ice bergs, gotten very close to a momma and baby moose, learned to shoot a gun for the first time, and hiked the Beaut.

If you have never been to Alaska let me just tell you this.. GO. If you like adventure, GO. If you like outdoorsy people, GO. If you want to see wildlife, GO. You will find mountains just waiting for you, bears hiding out from you, moose that you don't want to close to you, you will find the last frontier and it is beautiful!

I have spent three weeks here so far this summer traveling mostly in Anchorage, Palmer- Wasilla area, and spending two weeks in the small fishing town of Dillingham. Here are some pictures I want to share with you from some of my favorite times.

This is my amazing friend Krissy. I have had the privilege of staying with her this week in Palmer and she has been showing me Alaska and her fun. Her dad is a pilot with his own plane and these first pictures show our trip up to a glacier only accessible by plane- Knik Glacier. Flying in a small plane was such a cool experience.

 And here are some pictures of Knik Glacier: the most beautiful glacier I have ever seen. We were fortunate enough to discover some kayaks just waiting for us on the edge and were able to actually kayak in between the icebergs. It was literally one of the most amazing experiences ever trying to follow the mazes in between the ice bergs.

I also saw this other glacier called Matanuska Glacier. The entrance fee is normally $30 and this glacier has alot more tourist activity. It is pretty beautiful but a little less clean and white looking. It is massive though. Most of the people visiting were wearing snow gear and had ice picks or fancy year but our summer camp group came in chacos and smiles. We conquered that glacier and had a few minor falls too. Here are some pictures.

The people down here are trying to convince me to move down here and work as an RN and honestly they are doing a pretty amazing job. It is so BEAUTIFUL and WILD. Internet service is mostly non existent so there is much more I can't wait to post but I will have to tell more stories when I get back.

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