Saturday, June 3, 2017

When did we lose radical?

Today after church my family visited some friends. Now mind you these aren't the typical friends who barbecue, or have a fancy backyard where they bird watch- instead this is a couple who came from the bottom- who used to be addicted to drugs and sex- and have fell in love with Jesus and been transformed. These people live in a small apartment and in a rough neighborhood. They are slowly building their lives back together.

One thing about these people though is that they are radical about Jesus and radical about evangelism. They truly believe and follow the doctrine of Christ and perform church activities and evangelism every day of the week. They are constantly going to Bible studies, constantly watching Christian sermons,  witnessing at their work, and even telling their anesthesiologist at the hospital about the resurrection. They say phrases that I tend to roll my eyes at like "God is so good" and "His mercy always provides" and "faithful to the end."

To me, these people are radicals and today it seems harder and harder for me to find people who are radically living for Jesus.
And to me it seems sadly that 90% of any radicals will have these crazy conversion stories like turning from drugs, or crime, and then going to the church.
To which I must ask: Where are the stories of the radical Christians who grew up with God?
What about the Bible saying to train up a child in the way he should go so he will not depart from it? Where are these children of Adventist parents who are radically living for God?

Or does God not ask us to be radical?

Well if you believe in the Bible it seems we are given a clearer picture of the Christian walk. In Acts 2:42-47 we see believers who devoted themselves to the apostles teachings, prayer, and fellowship. People who gave away everything they had to the needy; people who performed miracles with the power of the Holy Spirit.

We see Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his only son for a God in heaven. We read about Jonah who ran away from God to the point where he was swallowed by a whale. We learn about John the Baptist a wild Alaskan beau (sarcasm) who ate locusts and wild honey, running around half naked, and sharing the life changing news of Jesus. And as we continue with Christian history we read about martyrs who had to fight lions in a colliseum or be burned at stake.

And now days I look around and the most radical Christians I know are the ones who are waiting to have sex til marriage, or people who aren't getting drunk, or missionaries.

So my question is why aren't we expected to walk radically anymore? When did we as a church and community lose radical Christianity? And most painfully, when did I as an individual give up the dream of radical Biblical Christian living and become content to follow cultural Christian expectations?

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