Thursday, May 11, 2017

My nursing pledge

While nursing school has took time, perseverance, and dedication to complete, graduation weekend went by full of parties,friends, and ceremonies without time to blink. Here is my tribute to becoming an nurse- something that was never my plan- but is Gods. Here are my goals as a nurse and my promises that I want to frame my thinking.

Because I am a nurse I am privileged to have a better understanding of health, thus I promise to do my best to live according to healthier ways which I have learned in order to maintain personal physical, social, and spiritual health. I will do this because I know unless God fills me up until I am overflowing, I will be a nurse with a broken cistern.

There are too many bitter, know it all, non caring nurses in the world thus I promise with Gods help to care over and over again for people even when it hurts. My biggest fear is being burnt out not on being a nurse but on caring about people. Only Christ can give me the love and healing to be there for people on their worst days and strengthen my own heart so that it won't break.

There are many nurses that stop learning and become caught up in their own ways thinking they don't need to study and learn. I promise to continuously be a student of medicine- to explore areas of health to my utmost ability so that I can grow as an excellent nurse and possibly further my education to a nurse practitioner.

I promise to use my degree and profession to serve. I want to be the girl who always has medical supplies in her car so I can help whoever is in need. I want to use my skills on a global relief level but also for my family and the people next door. I want to learn to put others before myself and always have a humble heart of service.

I promise to not let the word "nurse" define me. Yes I am a nurse but I will help others because I am a Christian, because I have a heart, because I love them with the love of Jesus. I will not let the word limit me to things I can and can't do but will take the name with honor and continue to grow into my own person.

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