Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back to Peru

Three and a half years later, I am finally back to my student missionary home. The place where so many memories were built, lessons learned, and dreams and hearts changed was Pucallpa Peru a little jungle town in the amazon. The city is seasoned with tainted memories and stories and testimonies of how God worked and I can now tell you how I am different because of it.

 But here I am now staying at an ecological hotel with a 5 star pool and diner. My job is to preach an evangelistic series with 16 sermons. And Peru feels so similar and yet the old Peru and my memories still so far away.

I remember when I thought Pucallpa would always feel like home, when the stories and adventures that changed my life forever seemed like milestones that could never fade or be forgotten. But now it seems I have to focus a little harder to remember.. that promise I made to God that day "I will never live the same way again. I never want to take the American life for granted. I never want to live so selfishly and without your perfect love."

And yet three and a half years later I find myself here. I am older and a bit wiser I suppose. I am not quite so gung-ho and exuberant about life. I am a bit more tired. I am not afraid of the medical field as I used to be when I came. I am not unsure of God's plans for my life. Yet just like three and a half years ago I still have struggles, still have wounds, still have insecurities that somehow Peru likes to bring out and push in my face. I am the still girl who loves to swim and tan. And I am still in love with Jesus. In many ways I am still the same but in many ways I'm a totally different person.

Journey with me for the next 18 days as I share with you my Peru round 2 journeys and adventures. Preaching is not something in my comfort zone and I look forward to growing my faith and prophetic knowledge as I branch out with God and hopefully make new friends with the Peruvians and team members around me.

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