Monday, April 17, 2017

nursing tests

Before my first level 4 nursing test of the semester, I studied, prayed, and asked my friends and family to pray that I would do well. But at the end of the test I made a 75 which is 3 points below the passing rate. When I got my test results, I was frustrated and angry at God. I had studied hard and I had asked him to bless me. After the first test I doubted if I would pass level 4 and why God would call me to nursing to fail me.

After my second and third test (to which I greatly improved scores) and the day before my fourth test I was walking with God and I asked God out loud "Do you really care?" God do you really care about a test grade? After all, there are people around the world with so much bigger problems. Do you really care if I pass a test? Like how involved do you really want to be in my life?

It's funny because I knew the Sabbath school answer that I had been taught to believe at a young age- that yes God cared. And I had seen God come through for me before in other aspects of my life that showed He cared about the little things. But when we are in trials or fearful, Satan wants us to forget those times, and I was honestly questioning God "Do you care about my grade?" "And why do you care?" Why does it matter to you?

I don't remember how exactly the answer came about but it came quite clearly in my head and I felt Jesus reminding me that He cared more than even my earthly father cares. Before the level four test I was gifted with great peace and I was reciting Bible verses before the test and I did great.

Today I took my final of level 4 and I passed the class- something in the beginning I thought would be impossible to do- Christ has truly done through me and I give Him all the glory and honor. Each and every nursing thing- overcoming hospital fears and natural barriers- he has given me the strength to persevere and even given me passionate about helping those who have physical needs.

I know there are those today in my class who didn't pass level four who were also praying about their grades and I know that it is extremely tempting to blame God and think that He doesn't care, but I want to encourage you with every aspect of your life- even things that may feel trivial- Jesus cares. He loves us more than we realize and He wants us to trust us with everything and anything on our hearts and minds.

So pass or fail let us glorify the Lord- for He alone is worthy to be praised. And remember when you feel like no one else cares- Jesus always cares.

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