Monday, February 13, 2017

Life's greatest adventures

I'm laying on my bed thinking about the ways God has immensely blessed my life because of my SMALL mustard seed faith in Him.

From cutting off ALL my hair in Peru, to learning to ride a street bike. From giving my very first shot and crying before and after from shock and from dancing, yelling, and doing taekwondo gymnastics in the rain.

To basking summers out in the hot sun driving a motor boat while helping kids experience the love of Jesus. Writing and acting a passionate Story about Jesus' life and seeing the Word come to action.

Flying to an academy far away from home where I knew absolutely NO ONE and getting to try out for a varsity baseball team and having the time of my life playing catcher and getting trambled.

To backpacking in Alaska, climbing mountains, canoeing in the ocean while chasing Beluga whales and trying to keep my blessed campers from getting hit by a barge...

To laying on my bed trying to study nursing because I want to pass. Running through my day from tutoring session, to study groups, to work.. trying to survive in the career path I did not choose for myself but God did and literally sobbing after taking a test.

All adventures have just ONE thing in common- they were God's ideas not mine. And God hasn't once let me down.

When my head was full of lice and mold and I was in tears dreading looking like a boy with short hair God gave me friends that showed me life was so much deeper than appearance.

When as a lake director I almost hit a child with a motor boat (OOPs;) and had a parent screaming at me, I prayed and God handled the situation for me.

When I was 5000 miles away from my parents in Colorado, without a friend in sight, God revealed Himself to me as a loyal best friend.

When my children in Alaska were yelling through the night and I couldn't sleep and I felt sick.. God gave me beautiful lights in the sky and protected me from the bears.


And God reminds me daily- Brooke- don't forget to look and see the things I've done in your past. I have done these things that you may have faith in me. Don't forget how much I've blessed you. Don't forget how much I love you. And Brooke if I've blessed you before, of course I will continue to be your guide.

And honestly guys, if you think God's boring.. you might not know the same guy I know!

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