Wednesday, January 25, 2017

journey through nursing seminar

I never imagined becoming a nurse; never dreamed of working with campus ministries at Southern; being a super senior. Much less doing my final semester of nursing on an oncology floor with patients who are going through chemo, radiation, and some of the hardest days of their life.

It's been a journey lately and I can't say it's been easy. But I can say He's been there.

And I'm sure thankful to God for the grace He's poured out in my life and the nurse who has worked with me teaching me the basics of nursing the past 12 hour shifts. Before seminar, I was lacking so much confidence in nursing, just not sure how to do many things.

I'm so thankful to God that I was given a nurse who was both kind and patient, smart yet trusting. Never underestimate the power you can give someone by believing in them. For my nurse believed in me and was a great influence and encouragement in my life. I learned so much about nursing and people in my 12 hour seminar shifts.

Nursing is a challenge beyond what I imagined because it combines ministry with work. Healing has a job title and pay raise but also limits. How do you witness patients dying and go home as soon as shift changes just to come back and realize they are gone? How do you give medicine that brings back life and yet know exactly when to gracefully sprinkle the testimony of Jesus?

There are so many questions and fears I have about nursing. I am intimidated by level four and the loads of NCLEX review content questions and adult III tests. Yet I am so excited because I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! This semester will be my last until I can take my NCLEX on my way towards working with acutely ill children and hopefully in a few years taking care of orphanage children.

I don't know the plans God has exactly for me and I will always have questions about why certain things happen. Yet I know that for me, every time I follow God and trust Him, He has provided my needs and blessed. As for now onto nursing school and finishing the this college task ahead of me.

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