Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Jesus and Santa Clause

You hear a lot about two of my friends this Christmas season and at first glance they seem to have a lot in common.

1. Both are loved, dwelled upon, and drawn attention too more in the Christmas season.
2. Both bring promises of gifts to ALL people regardless of age, race, or culture.
3. Both are thought of as "good", kind, loving, and sacrificial.
4. Both have their pictures on gift packages and bags, cookies, and calendars.
5. You can talk to both by writing letters or having a little faith, believing in your heart.

I often wonder if Satan likes it when we think of Santa Clause and Jesus side by side at Christmastime. When the movie shows the Christmas Eve church service and then Santa Clause comes the next day making every dream come true.. when we think of the fables and tales Hallmark channel shares it makes the Great Controversy seem a little far away. 

I mean love always wins on Christmas day right? When we give the poor presents? And we gather round the Christmas tree to play dirty Santa and steal all the gifts. We stuff our faces with food and enjoy gluttony, greed, and a little lusting after our neighbors gifts.. of course there's always room for a little more family gossip.

Satan doesn't mind if we get a little festive this year. It doesn't bother him if we celebrate the season with gifts, and lights... The manger seen may threaten him a little but then he places a giant Snoopy dog next door.

Satan hopes we'll watch movies with our family, drain our money buying gifts we don't need, filling our hearts with fake promises of romance and holiday bliss.. because he knows when Christmas day is over and after Santa comes- reality will strike again.

The bickering, the children's whines, not getting the presents they deserved, the fatness from eating too much, and the promise that wasn't fulfilled leaves a Christmas depression and a sad truth: that we didn't find Jesus any more than ever on Christmas day.

Even after the Christmas story is read and the holiday carols preach peace and joy to all men... is it possible that we can sing the songs, read the stories, and attend the services year after year just to miss our on experiencing who Jesus really is. Is it possible that after Christmas day many people end with a lot more gifts and yet a lot less love and hope for the second coming in their heart. And this my friends is what Satan wants. Satan doesn't mind Christmas these days because Christmas is no longer about Christ it's about me, it's about you, gifts under the tree, things we want, and fantasies that will never become reality.

Lord Jesus, save Christmas.

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