Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just my life

It's been a long time since I've written. And that's mostly due to the recent whirlwinds of feelings going on in my head. I can't adequately focus and honestly portray what I've been experiencing.

Thanksgiving break was lovely- a good time with family and friends spent in Colorado. It was a blessing. I thank God for my family and wait for the day when I will be a mom and in some way try to follow the teachings my family has given me on how to raise a child in the way of Christ.

 School is busy- it wasn't too bad until after break. Now it's a three week- now only week and a half mad dash- till the end. I'm just trying to pass, survive, and thrive without stressing or severely killing my health.

But lately I've had a deeper longing and wonder at Jesus and spiritual things as well as my own life at hole. A month ago I was gifted with the book "Desire of Ages" and I've been reading...

I never read Ellen White as a child or even younger teen because I felt she was fake or constantly being thrown into my face. I said that I preferred to stick to the Bible, I never gave her a chance though. I just didn't want her, didn't need her, I thought.

But lately spiritual things in my life have been almost like binge eating. One day I'm whining at God and trying to watch Netflix while texting on my phone and the next I'm avidly scavenging through EGW, listening to prophecy sermons, and trying to understand the last day events. I haven't been up on a mountain lately. But it's not a valley either. Somewhere in between in the middle- which to me- honestly that's one of the scariest places to be, especially when it comes to salvation issues.

This post has no resolution like many of my others. It's just a check up. I do encourage you though to read Ellen White if you never have- to give her a chance- in actuality, give God a chance to work through her. Her readings have given me light in a time of darkness and a new awakening to this world and what it offers.

I hope your doing well this holiday season- that in the midst of shopping and exams and relatives you haven't seen- that you look up to the heavens and talk to your best friend Jesus.

P.S. I've been working on a new missionary website with some resources for people who want to go serve and things I've learned in global community development classes. It's still in progress but you can check it out at

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