Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas lights

It's amazing what some little white Christmas lights can do to change up an entire apartment. It can make you see the whole place differently, change the atmosphere. Then we bring in a tree- fresh and green- it's magnificent and beautiful. You just find yourself wanting to dwell, wanting to be a part of the season.

Sometimes we just need a small light to help us carry on. It's amazing what one person can spark in the hearts of another- with kind touch, genuine prayers, a little love. It really can be miraculous when we choose to represent Christ with the little things.

These days you really can't take your friends for granted. They are some of the most valuable people in the world- they have the power to make you feel like gold or trash. And I'm thankful for the friendships I have been developing this year- especially in nursing. After a hard test, nothing is better than hugs and hot tea. Friendships take efforts and sacrifice though- that's a lesson I'm learning. Especially when life gets busy, long distance happens, true and genuine friendships don't come without work.

Christmas is an opportunity for generosity- for thanking friends and family. In between finals and all, I had some fun making a few homemade gifts this year with jars, glitter, ribbons, pine cones, and bells. It doesn't have to be about the gift or the money- it's more the thought that counts. You'd be surprised what a little effort could mean to someone whose lonely. This holiday people seem just a little more open for love and acceptance. Everyone's looking for light- will they see you?

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