Sunday, November 20, 2016


I love airplanes!  More than the flight itself, busy airplanes, or free peanuts- I love ascending. Love that feeling when you hear the plane's engine revving  into the air and you see your world, your own surroundings become clouded. You know that in a short amount of time you will be somewhere totally different, new surroundings, new people, new place. Goodbye old place, it's a brand new adventure waiting to happen.

For me airplanes bring back memories.. that first time when I was a naïve 16 year old going off to live at boarding academy in Colorado.. or the time I went to Korea with two of my best friends to teach English and travel for 3 weeks.. the time I went to Peru for a year to work as a missionary. Man- good times- I am so abundantly and infinitely blessed.

And as I look out the window seeing buildings that soon become as tiny as aunts and mountains and oceans come into view.. I have to put on my beats (best headphones ever) and whisper Thank you Lord! Thank you; thank you; thank you Father!

This Thanksgiving I flew next to my brother- which is an answer to prayer because I never imagined I would be so blessed to go to school with my best friend. But together we flew- to Colorado- land of the beautiful mountains to meet my family and spend Thanksgiving up in Aspen. Tomorrow we're going snowboarding and tonight we're cuddling up next to a fire.

Airplanes remind me that God is big- He's bigger than my dreams, than my imagination, than my knowledge can comprehend. Even when I can't understand what He's doing in my life, in time, He will show me that it is good.

I challenge you this holiday season to slow down and praise God; trust God. We all have insecurities, challenges in our life that threaten to stress us out- but God whispers to us- a million ways every day "I'm holding you." "I'm the King of your world."

I'm so thankful for airplanes. Thankful for family who sit down and eat together every meal; thankful my family lets me cook for them haha; and thankful that it's supposed to snow tomorrow. But most importantly I'm thankful I know Jesus and His peace this season and I want to share that joy of knowing Him with the people around me.

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