Monday, May 2, 2016

This is grace

I waited for him
Prepared for the stones

For the criticism
The failure
I was prepared to own

I waited for him to say
Good but...

But he didn't name my insecurities
He didn't list the things I did wrong

Didn't write my weaknesses along side my name
Instead he traced in the sand

I was expecting condemnation
But instead I got compassion
and grace

Undeserved and free
So this is how it feels to be covered in Christ's shadow
To have no fears because our insecurities, our weaknesses, our failures, our secret places
Are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ
This is grace

And as we follow God we will learn to dance joyfully in the rhythms of His grace
And nothing can make our heart so happy
As the pressure is taken away from us
It no longer matters how we perform or what we do
Because when we are serving Jesus
He is the only thing that matters

For me I have to praise God for so many miracles in my life
Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference
With nursing this year, God has been so faithful to help me
Whether it be a friend helping me study for a test or hugging me when I'm sad
Or amazing clinical instructors who encourage me instead of criticize
For giving me mercy for tests I didn't study enough for
And peace when I am terrified in the hospital
God has been so faithful and so graceful to me and I am beyond thankful.
Only because of Jesus.. this year is almost over!

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