Saturday, April 9, 2016

The healing has begun

As of this year, I became a painter. This semester I have painted 13 canvasses, each with different colors and a story.

 I paint to find freedom, to express myself, when I am stressed or worried, it helps to recreate something beautiful. Sometimes I love my paintings but other times I quickly become frustrated with them.

This peacock above caused some strife for about 3 months. I originally started with the outline and then I said it's ugly and I didn't want to work on it anymore. So I hid it under my bed along with four other "trash canvasses" which I decided weren't worth the efforts of fixing.

I hid them there, until finally a dear friend came over and said "Brooke these are not ugly. These are beautiful. You need to finish them." I sighed but I knew she was right.

Oh how grateful I am that our Father is our maker, our artist, our Abba, our Creator, and our redeemer. His mercies are new every morning and every day He offers to us to remake our lives. Like messed up pictures we have all been broken in different ways. And sometimes we feel that we have messed up so much that we are not worthy to be considered His masterpieces, His children any longer.

But everyday our Father picks us up like pottery, holds us in our hands, and tells us "You are mine. I am not through working in you."

It will not be a quick transition from a sinful, fleshful human to a purified light bearer that reveals
 God's glory. Yet in Ecclesiastes 3:11 it says "He has made everything beautiful in his time."

Every day we must continue to surrender our lives over to our Master so that He can keep remaking us. Isaiah 64:8 says 'Yet you Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.'

God is so good and as we spend time with Him, he will continually bring to our attention areas of our live that need to be remade, need to be healed. If we let Him change our lives to reflect His glory and image, when we look back, we will be in awe of who we used to be and who we are now. For we are remade, objects of art, that have been redefined, repainted, and recreated, purified only in the image of God.

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