Thursday, March 3, 2016

One thing you lack

Mark 10:21 Only "one thing you lack"- Go and sell EVERYTHING you have and give it to the poor.

I think it's funny because as we begin to follow God we truly and genuinely believe that we have surrendered and given up everything to Him. And we say here God take my life I lay it down and He begins the process of changing and remaking us into a totally new creation.

Yet somehow even after weeks, months, and years of following God- we hear Jesus' gentle voice "only one thing you lack,,," and I'm like what God, you mean after 10 years of following you I still haven't gotten it right? So day by day God asks me to lay down my one thing to Him, my everything to Him over and over again.

Sometimes I say but God I've already given you that and He says surrender it to me one more time. Sometimes I feel but God this is impossible for me to give up. How can I stop thinking about this? How can I truly surrender this to you?

And He reminds me that nothing is impossible.
And that for each thing I give up I will be blessed in abundance in one hundred times more in this life AND in the life to come.

I've realized that when I'm comfortable and think I have it all together, I'm probably not following God's call for my life. But when I'm totally out in the middle of the sea, in a storm, on a rocky boat, that's when God asks me to walk on water with Him. It's scary surrendering everything to God yet it's more scary following our own evil desires and dealing with the consequences of the flesh.

God is so patient and gentle with us. That's why He says "give me that one thing"; let's just focus on this right now. He doesn't want to overwhelm us; he doesn't want to burden us. Instead he says let go of this and let me lead you one step at a time to a better life =)

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