Friday, February 12, 2016

May you be known by your love

"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." John 13:35

Do you love? Do people that see you on a daily basis know that you love them? Does your family and friends run to you because your love is so warm towards them? Is your heart so on fire for the Lord that love is manifested out of your heart towards everyone you meet?

It's almost Valentines' day- single guys' and girls' favorite holiday I know (ya ya;) What if instead of wondering if anyone will tell you they love you  on Valentines Day instead asking God who you can give love too?

Who could we love? Who could we love with that unconditional, I accept you, you matter kind of love. Maybe simple words that a person who is all alone needs to hear?

And I know what your thinking- wait I don't like anyone or I'm not just going to profess my love for them because it's Valentines Day. We need to wake up and realize that love is so much more than flirting and attraction and butterflies and kisses but love is a commandment from God- the thing that drove nails into Christ's hands and made Him weep in pain for our selfish hearts.. and yet we still dare to say "God do I really have to love?"

Do I have to love God?
And we write him our excuses on a list
Well I've been hurt. Well I will hurt others. Well I'm afraid to love because it's too much of a risk. Well I don't know how to love someone. What if I mess it up what if I do it wrong?

And yet I hear God crying out "I loved you. I sent my son to die on the cross for you. Isn't that love enough to change your life? It was a risk I took for you. And it was worth it. And because I loved you, I have called, commanded, ordered, requested, prayed that you would somehow find deep in your hearts and through my power the desire and the urge and the spirit to LOVE one another.

It's not something God simply says to do when we feel like it. When you feel like it, love so and so, love your brother when it's convenient, love your ex-boyfriend or your ex-girlfriend when you get over the breakup, love your family when they send you birthday money. No God says love when you feel like you have nothing left inside of you. Love when you are breaking. Love when you feel all alone and you feel like you are giving everything away. God says I want you to be poured out like a drink offering to me and your love for me will be manifested by the way you love one another.

1 John 3:23 says "And this is his commandment to believe in the name of His son Jesus Christ and to love one another just as he has commanded us."

Throw off whatever excuses are holding you back from expressing true love. Write down your fears and nail them to the cross with Christ. Ask God to teach you how to love more like His son. Ask God who He wants you to love on Valentines Day this year, and afterwards on each and every day of our life.

And as we love- as God slowly takes our hearts of stone and turns them into hearts of flesh- as our lives are changed completely as we behold the presence of God Himself the King- as we love, our hearts will be filled with love. It's amazing; and it's a miracle.

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