Saturday, January 30, 2016

Andrew Peterson

If you've never checked out Andrew Peterson, you need too! These are a few of his lyrics to one of his songs "You never let go".

"After all these years I would have thought
that all my fears were laid to rest,
but I still get scared.
And I thought that all my struggles would be
victories by now but I confess
that the mess is there.

But oh, I know the work that you began
is coming to an end someday.

'Cause you never let go. You never let go.
You led me by the hand into a land of green and gold.
You never let go. You never let go.
Your love endures forever wherever I go.
After all these years that's all that I know. Oh. "

Sometimes I feel myself struggling with the same thing I've been struggling with for so long
I feel discouraged that I should have overcome this by now
There are days that are better than others
But God reminds me that He is a patient artist
He is the Creator who remakes me
And He tells me that you are in my hands.

Do you feel like your in a pit? Do you loathe yourself? Do you struggle with forgiveness for someone else? Do you feel too guilty from your past?
God asks you "Can I remake you into something beautiful?"
Can I change you into a creature who can bear my glory?
Will you let me break your heart and give you a new one?

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