Friday, December 4, 2015

What is Christmas?

It seems that without a blink, Christmas is here and there and everywhere. In every store, every tree, lights on the house, and music on the radio. And I'm left thinking just a few simple thoughts..
Where did Christmas come from?
What's the point of all this holiday cheer in the midst of a suffering world?
And finally, how do I have time for Christmas, when I'm just trying to survive school?
I spent Thanksgiving with the family this year all the while having about 20 hours of homework to complete during break and little holiday spirit. I was exhausted- worn out from college and I didn't care about seeing the lights or watching the Grinch but just wanted to breathe again. And yet here it is the festivities and holidays in full season swing.. and before we know it Christmas season will be gone and this spirit of community and opportunity to get close to family will be out the window. I was listening to Mary Did You Know and The Little Drummer Song on Youtube by Pentonix (great stuff!) and the Little Drummer Boy song starts like this..
Come they told me Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
A newborn king to see Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
Our finest gifts we bring?
To lay before the King...
So to honor him Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
When we come...
So here in the beginning of this song we are talking about searching for a Savior. We are looking for a light in the darkness- following a star of promise. But we are not just following blindly, doing our selfish thing, but instead we are searching for a gift. A gift that is not something money can buy for we do not have much, not something to work for, but something that is worthy of a King- of a Savior- of whom His feet we are not worthy to wash.
We ask what finest gift can we bring? For we want to please our King. To be Holy for Him, to give Him our best.
I think we easily forget this part of Christmas. This great search for Jesus- that isn't quick mind you but takes days, months, sometimes even years. The giving up of our finest possession- the thing we hold most dear to us- the choice to surrender everything, in order to give the Savior we are searching for with everything our best.
Maybe Christmas isn't just about lights, music, and hot cocoa. Maybe it's not about friends and family whom we haven't seen in so long. Maybe it's more. 
We can't forget that Christmas is a journey to our Savior. A journey to the cross of surrender. Of surrendering our fears, our shame, anything that hinders our walk with Christ, of surrendering ourselves fully . 
Only when we learn to embrace Jesus and truly give Him our finest gift will we find the joy and - peace He promises to give us. For truly in this suffering world, these end times, we must look for an answer for ISIS, for the shootings, for the tragedy, for the sick, for the broken families... 
And Jesus- our Savior- who promises us that when we seek Him we will find Him and that He is with us- Immanuel. Truly Jesus is our only hope and joy for this season of Merry Christmas.
So may we stop running around like soldiers with our heads cut off shopping, doing homework, baking, working too hard- whatever you do this season- and may we quiet our minds and hearts and pray for the spirit of Christ who sometimes speaks in whispers to come to us and dwell in us as we surrender our finest gift to Him.
May God bless you this Christmas season and may you find Him- may you find it- the joy of Jesus Christ. 
Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.

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  1. Brooke, the depth at which you've spoken on this topic is inspiring, I appreciate that you've brought to light something that I struggle with each year the holidays come around. Thanks for the encouraging words that remind us to quiet our minds and hearts and truly seek the greatest gift we've ever been offered- Jesus.