Thursday, December 3, 2015

Remind me what matters

Sometimes I have to remind myself
That everything I'm doing doesn't matter
If I don't remember
Why I'm doing it

That loving isn't walking by
and smiling and saying hello
That caring
Comes from the heart
And can't be faked with a smile

I have to remind myself that my GPA doesn't matter
If I fail to represent Jesus

That each patient at the hospital
Is a human being suffering from one of the worst days in their life

I have to remind myself that when I'm stressed and in a hurry
So is the rest of the world
And that other people
Have bigger problems

So if I can remember
to be thankful
To smile
When I am so afraid

To hug people instead of hating them
To listen to stories when I have no time
And to remember that I have a Savior
Who loves me
Enough to die on the cross for me

If I can remember that
Then maybe I can get through this day
Not just to cross off more things on my to-do list
But to praise God and glorify Him in this life
That I will only live once

Help me to remember God what really matters.

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