Friday, December 11, 2015

Mary did you know

Mary did you know?
that your baby boy..
would one day walk on water
would save our sons and daughters
has come to make you new
would calm a storm with his hand
has walked where angels trod
Is Lord of all Creation
would one day rule the nation
Is heaven's perfect lamb

Mary did you know?
That your baby boy
Would die the most shameful naked death
Would spend his last moments with the people he tried to save
Spitting on his face
And shouting curse words at him
Calling Him a liar for the miracles He had done to save them
Beaten, mocked, bloody, worn
He would die

Mary how could you have known?
And what would you think if you did know?
Would you have done anything differently?

But Mary did you know
That your baby
Would overcome the grave
And prove to be a Savior
Show that He is Lord over death, over pain, over shame
Over suffering, over murder, over sinfulness
And that He has the keys to eternal life forever

This is the Jesus we serve. This is the Jesus I know.
So how dare we tremble at the trials in front of us?
How could we stand back and not proclaim in a loud voice to the nations
Do not fear for my King saves
Why are we worried or stressed
Why are we crying like those who have no hope?
For our Savior is ruler over the dead.

Today I saw a beautiful baby in the Nicu.
I also met a woman in labor and delivery in the hopsital whose baby had just died.
As she told me I was stunned
What can I say to this kind of pain?
Except for the name of Jesus-
That He is Savior.
That He is the God who does miracles.
Who raises the dead, who sets the captives free, who heals the sick
That's my Jesus.

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