Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I don't need you

"I don't need you..
so I don't love you
and I don't want you."

Isn't this one of the scariest phrases in the world? You don't often hear it put quite so bluntly to words. Yet you see it time after time all around you with relationships that fall apart quite too smoothly, like cotton candy

And honestly why are we surprised? We are a generation that is taught from a young age not to give our money to things that won't generate income. Taught not to let ourselves be taken advantage of, but to work our way to the top of each pyramid (climbing at the stake of others if necessary). Isn't this college? How to move to the top of the educational and then professional food chain? We are taught that independence is glory because we should have control. That we should seek self fame, a selfish safety net, and seek someone to marry who will fulfill our self needs and desires. We should seek a help-mate. We should love things that help us and most importantly the basics- things we NEED. 

And what do we rich Americans need? Well to most of us: we need a daily shower hot water of course, nice soap (hotel samples do not qualify), bread (multigrain) and butter (to taste), varied nutritional index of foods, soft mattress, and a non-leaking roof, a warm heater, and there's a few others of course. Yet although we have quite the list that many people around the world would never even think to include on their "needs" checklist, we still have everything. We have presents under the Christmas tree, bright lights, and cookie cut outs, food for days not just a meal, and toys to entertain and when we look up at the Giver of all Good gifts we tell Him "I don't need you." 

I don't need you right now God. I'm doing just fine.
You can keep your extra eggs til a famine comes on my land or my mom Sally dies of cancer but right now God I'm just fine. I've got movies and music for days and clothes to look cute all winter so God just give me chance to live young and free and do what I want too.
God my life looks just fine right now. There's alot of things I still want to do before I die, places to see, people to date so God you don't need to come so soon. I'm happy. Really I'm quite content in my selfish life of insecurities.

And we are stupid, foolish, and unprepared- sleeping with our eyes closed as the Devil pulls toy out of toy out of his toolbox and laughs happily for he has gained our hearts once again.

And the clock ticks and Jesus calls out "Sanctify yourselves, take up your cross and come follow me. For I am coming soon to take you who are pure in heart home."

Yet we are not ready.
For we do not think we need God.
And we do not know love
Thus we do not realize the danger we are in

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