Wednesday, September 30, 2015

To the people who see

Have you ever noticed that there are 2 kinds of people?

People who see and people who always seem to miss it.. They look away at just the right time conveniently every time you look for them.

Whether they are too distracted by something going on in their own life, too busy, or don't actually care to give you the time of day.. they miss the fact that you are breathing and alive too. They make you feel invisible, inadequate, unworthy, self conscious; they hurt you without even realizing it. They may say sorry but you know they could care less. We all will meet people like this. People who don't see our need, who misuse our potential, who make us feel unloved...

But have you ever met someone who sees? Yes my child, I'm sure that you have. You have met someone who has made you smile and laugh when you are in the grumpiest mood. You have met that one lady who held your hand when all of life seemed to flash before your eyes and told you to take deep breaths and that everything would be ok. You have met the guy that asked you "How are you?" and actually stopped to listen and even pray with you after you answered. You have met them... and they are the individuals who have changed your life. One occurence after the other they have given you hope of something better, of something purer, or something deeper and rarer. They have given you a glimpse of the man they call Jesus.

To the one who saw people beyond their appearances but looked into their hearts. Who saw their wounds and was not daunted by their dangerous pasts, but chose to heal and forgive them. To the man who gave His all for a people who betrayed him because He loved them even though they were unworthy of love... To the man who taught us to see.

Every day we make a decision to see or to close our eyes, to look away. Sometimes seeing hurts; othertimes it's just an inconvenience. Yet God says that if we want to follow Him, we must let Him teach us to see again. To see all of life differently, from His perspective.

In John 3:3 Jesus answered "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." We must pray for Jesus to open our eyes, so that we can see beyond the surface. So that we can see people for who they are and what their needs may be, so we can see the true character of Christ, and so that we can see the signs of His second coming and the miracles He does for us. Lord Jesus, open our eyes and let us see like you.

To the people who see: thank you. Thank you for showing me Jesus.

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