Friday, September 11, 2015

"missionary girl"

I say I want to be a missionary, and I do. Maybe you do too. But I dare say it is alot easier to say you want to be a missionary then to be a missionary. Likewise it may seem easier to be Jesus to Africans when you are in Africa than it is to be Jesus to Americans when you are in America. And yet somehow and praise God, we are called to serve where we are.

So what do you like about mission work? The adventure, the traveling, the new people you meet, the new experiences- yes that's awesome I agree. It can be alot of fun.
What are other things you love about mission work though deeper reasons? For me, I love real relationships, playing with children, mentoring, getting to help people who are hurting. And by golly .... we can do that here in America! So why don't I do more?

So I just started my nursing program and two things I am so astounded with: is 1. the spirituality of the nursing program at Southern and having teachers hug you and tell you they pray for you and 2. how wholistic the nursing profession is. We are actually trained in how to analyze the spiritual, sociocultural, development, physiological, and psychological- which I think is pretty amazing because I am all about this wholistic health stuff. The thing that keeps coming back to me is "everything is spiritual". Like all of the classes I am surrounded with this semester are constantly reminding me that literally everything on this earth that we do should be about God whether that be playing softball games or giving bed baths...

Bed Baths- Oh my! So I am freaking out! I had no idea how much of nursing here in America is giving bed baths lol like my natural response to these disgusting and totally awkward things is to cover my eyes or run out of the room praying and screaming. So I'm like No no no. And our teachers have mentioned how we must learn how to find dignity and love people through these things. So I'm like Wow.. this is going to be interesting and sketchy and everything else terrible and exciting in between.

So I guess my question is how do I love someone through giving them a bed bath? Or how do I love someone through giving them a shot or taking their blood pressure? And while I'm at it how do I learn to love the other students around me in a way that doesn't intimidate them but is real and genuine. So I guess I'm like Jesus I want to be a missionary here where I'm at. I want to be that "missionary girl" who not only travels but who loves people. So Jesus please teach me how to love!

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