Thursday, August 20, 2015

what matters

I just read an article entitled "Does God keep you up at night?"
 Read here:

A new college year is beginning so soon and my schedule looks oh so busy. New classes, new friends, opportunities everywhere and yet somewhere deep within I feel God saying to me "Don't be distracted from me and what I have for you. Everything else really doesn't matter."

There are so many things that I can occasionally stay up late to do- one of my favorites being reading a great novel. But when was the last time I stayed up late reading God's Word or in fervant prayer?

I am a Christian before anything else. I love God and tell myself that I would die for Him. I don't know where my life would be without Him. Yet do my time management abilities reflect my head knowledge of Jesus and what I say I would do for Him?

All I know and all I can say is:
I want more.
More of what matters.
I want more of Jesus and of surrender and of His glory.
And whatever that means this semester, my prayer to Jesus is take me; help me; use me. Because without you, I am a sinful, broken mess and only with you, I find true purpose and love.

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