Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sweet Jesus

If the love of God is in the heart, it will be manifested in the life. The sweet savor of Christ will surround us, and our influence will elevate and bless.” If you are anything like me, this statement may make you tremor or cower back to the last church pews.

Do people see Jesus in me? Do people smell Jesus in me? In the way in which I work for Christ, can they tell a difference? Does my life redirect people to God's holiness and awe?

That's scary. Because when I look at myself, I tend to see all my flaws, all the things that I could better do for a righteous King. I know that I myself fall short of God's glory and am only saved by His never-ending grace that pours on me like a showers of rain. I know that me alone- I can never even begin to paint an accurate picture of Christ. Yet because of His love for me, if I bask in Him, He will help me to do just this...

There's something sweet about Jesus that draws people to Him: people who are in need. People in need of healing, people in need of laughing, people in need of sleeping, people in need of smilinyyg through life's storms find hope and comfort in the presence of Jesus. There's something wonderful about Jesus and Jesus' wants to share this wonderfulness with me and you so that we can better represent His love to the world. Brothers and sisters, what a privilege we have to get to be ambassadors of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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