Thursday, July 16, 2015

Strong girl

I have a heart too
It just doesn't make noises like yours
And you can't see it
So you might forget it's there sometimes

The tears inside of me
Seem to get stuck
In the brain part of my body
I process them but they don't release

When you make fun of me
And I laugh
And you say "You love me"
Swear words run through my mind
As I smile at you
And pretend I'm just fine

I'm the tough one
The one whom you can joke
The girl you can tell anything too
The one who is strong
And never cries

The one who hears sob stories
And death and goodbyes
Without a second glance as you leave me
Alone I will walk by myself
And pretend that I don't care at all

Because at least you tell me
the truth
I am strong
I can fight
I don't need you anyways

At least that's what I tell myself-

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