Friday, July 31, 2015


They say there's a time for everything
A time to say hello
And a time to say goodbye

Life changes
Different seasons
People change
I change too

Friends come and go
Just like seasons
Some of them impacting your life forever
In ways you never know

And I know that you will always be
One of those people to me
That changed my life
In some little way
And that impacted my heart forever

I know I have to say goodbye
And it's hard
I wish that you would hold me tight
But I know it wouldn't help at all

I know we have to part ways
Trusting heavenly angels and having faith
That if Christ wants us to see again
Then He will let lead and we will go

As my eyes fill with tears
That I try hard to mask
And silence fulfills the ground
I whisper..

For today, for tomorrow
For next week, for this year
For however long til Jesus bids you through

Goodbye my special friend

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