Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye Wewoka

I have been at Wewoka Woods since I was seven years old. I was a camper there until I was 16 and I have worked there for six wonderful years as a counselor, lifeguard, lake director, and finally this year spiritual director. It has been quite the journey indeed and this beautiful camp and family will always hold a special place in my heart. This year I feel God calling me to say goodbye to this place even though it has changed my life in so many ways and means so much to me!

These are just a few pics of camp from the summer I started working there since I was 16. I want to just share some of my top highlights from camp and the ways in which it changed my life the most.

* My first summer at camp, I was 16 and insecure. Camp taught me how to be myself and I made amazing friends and role models that encouraged me that I was valuable and beautiful. I fell in love with camp and taught canoeing all summer long.

* Getting ran into by a mini bull while dressed in a clown costume- 2009

* Getting to be a full time counselor by myself 2011; I fell in love with counseling and the girls. They loved me and I loved them.

* Helping a young girl accept Jesus in her heart and leading her to baptism 2011.

* Giving my first staff worships, terrified, I began to learn about sharing Jesus in public 2010.

* My first lifeguarding save 2012

* Learning to drive the boat and overcoming some of my fears of driving. 2013

* Boat director- all day long playing and swimming in the summer sun. 2014

*Finally, this year, getting to be spiritual director and encourage staff and campers about God. I never ever thought I would get to this place or be able to "preach" up front. So in love with Jesus' grace.

* Getting to help put together and be the angel in the Story: the Story of the final scenes of Christ's life.

God has been good to me and so has Wewoka! I am grateful and blessed =) Moving on, saying goodbyes is hard but I know God will continue to lead.

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