Sunday, July 26, 2015

Experience the Power

**Last week I was struggling with sickness. This is something I wrote Wednesday while I was laying in bed. I was pretty miserable when all of a sudden, I realized I hadn't opened my Bible in quite a few days. I started reading the book of Acts and God really touched me. I honestly feel like he gave me that time off from camp and my job so that I would spend time with Him. My Father knows exactly what I need at the right time.**

As I take medication and lay in bed, I have to read the book of Acts in awe. As I read about how the apostles heal many, I can't help but wonder “what was it like”? What was it like to be able to heal people in Jesus' name? Why can't I do that? What is it like to be healed and know without a doubt that it was Jesus' hand that touched you. And I just can't help but imagine Jesus saying to me...

"I would love for you to experience my power in that way and I am willing to reveal my power to you in that way...
if only you had the faith."

You see all summer at my camp, we've been talking about what it means to experience the power of God. We've looked at what having a real relationship with God looks like and we've talked about baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit. But I guess where I'm at right now is what does Christ's power really look like? And why do we not see His power demonstrated in bigger ways any more? How can my life be a manifestation of not just God's love but His amazing power.

As I read the book of Acts, Christ is really beginning to open up my eyes.

Yes a real relationship with God starts with surrendered time to Christ daily. Every day we need quality time with God, way more than just ten minutes a day reading a devotion. I believe Christ calls us to set aside an hour every day to truly surrender, pray, and meditate on His word. For me this is oh so difficult. But it is my goal. This uninterrupted daily quiet time with God releases the powerhouse of Christ.

But we are not to continue living our lives with God, just to act the same way, or continue in the same habits. Day by day our lives should be changed by the Word of God. If the Holy Spirit is really living in us, we should be different then the rest of the world. We should have power. Christ wants us to have power for Him!

The power of Christ means that you can take physical pain, torture, slavery, persecution without complaints or grumbling and continue to sing praises to Jesus. The power of Christ means that you can give your money, your prized belongings, and your time away generously without second thought of does this person deserve it or when am I going to get more. The power of Christ means that you have faith in what God wants for you whether that means you are poor, alone, homeless, or without a job- it means you believe that whatever circumstance you are in, you can still work for Jesus. The power of God means that you can heal others. The power of God means that you can reach out to others in tongues or know the exact words they need that will bless them at a certain time. The power of God makes you bold when you are afraid, kind when you are angry, and loving when others have hurt you.

This power should not be something we simply read about. Christ asks us to accept His Holy Spirit and to let it change our lives. Acts 1:8 one of our Bible verses for camp says "But you shall recieve power when the Holy Spirit shall come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria and to the end of the earth."

May God bless you with grace and peace =)

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