Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beautiful testimony

I will call her Lindsey. She is thirteen years old and has a prosthetic eye in one eye and glaucoma and cataracts in the other. Because of the grace of God, Lindsey can see. Lindsey attends the school for the blind and is so in love with Jesus. She has become the best friend of *Kailey. Kailey is completely blind. She is a tall girl who loves to wear basketball shorts. She lost her eye sight suddenly one eye at a time and is free spirited. Kailey has to be led around everywhere she goes since she can see nothing.

Lindsey, even though she can see, and can walk around as she pleases, chooses to always guide Kailey. They are best friends- they do everything together and share their deepest secrets. Lindsey and Kailey decided that because of their love for Jesus, they want to get baptized together

Lindsey and Kailey have deeply impacted my life. They are so connected. Lindsey sacrifices alot of her life for Kailey. The bond they have is deep- it is a real friendship- in a world of selfishness and manipulative friends, they are shining lights for Jesus. Today Lindsey and Kailey shared their testimonies in front at church.

Lindsey is one of the most powerful preachers I've ever met and she's only 13. She addressed her message to the blind campers today. "You may be blind. And your struggle will be difficult. She said. But God gives His hardest battles to His toughest soldiers. You may be blind, but God has a purpose for you. You are His strongest. You are to share your testimony. To preach to the poor, to share the Bible, to tell others about His name. No matter what your struggle may be, God wants to use it for His glory."

Amen. This thirteen year old girl understands some things about Jesus that many many old people are failing to understand.

What's your battle? Are you a victim or an overcomer? How can you use your story to better show the world the glory of your Savior?

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