Tuesday, June 30, 2015


A quote I read on my friend's blog says this: "The actions that will change your life the most are the boring, mundane, repetitive ones that you do everyday."

At first I definitely disagreed but as I re-read this quote again and again it began to make me think. Some things that people do everyday that make them the way they are, are so often overlooked. The way people get ready for school or work in the morning does make a difference. Just the way they treat themselves,spending time looking in the mirror or painting on makeup. The clothes they choose do make a statement about who they are and what type of group they want to belong too. The small talk they have with their co-workers and aquaintannces or the lack of laughter and love shared. The phone calls or lack of phone calls to family to tell them how much they love them. The music that is listened too while getting dresses or traveling or going to work. The good morning Jesus surrender prayer or the stress that comes with the daily morning grind. The time spent checking Facebook, watching their favorite show, or texting their friends. Their good night rituals-- these things slowly and surely make up hours of the day. This waiting, this mundane, these repetitive actions---

Slowly but surely they make up a person's reputation- after all isn't the mundane the only part most people who meet you will ever get to see?

Yet sometimes we are urged to define our lives by the unordinary- the extraordinary- the amazingly rare and beautiful, daring and brave moments. Sometimes we live for those moments. The summer concerts under the stars, the dancing with the guy or girl we like, the mission trip to Africa or Mexico, the vacation to Jamaica, the chance to go sky diving, or live through an earthquake.  These extraordinary moments make life spontaneously glorious.

How do we make the ordinary and the extraordinary clash into one beautiful piece of art? We let Jesus fan our fire until we are all consumingly His and a life with Christ is far short of ordinary.

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