Monday, June 29, 2015


To be known is to be loved. To be loved, is to be known, to be seen, to be understood- don't we all want that?

Dear 15 year old girl,

I see you. Even though you feel invisible and lonely; I think you are beautiful, smart, and talented. You tell me your cabin mates don't like you but I know that if you would just smile a little more and say hi, you would make so many new friends. You are a gem in a treasure chest.

I see you. I see through your short black dress with little leggings and mascara. I see the look on your face for longing. Longing for friendship, longing for intimacy, longing for acceptance. You are loved- if only you could accept that love.

I see you. I know you are overweight and insecure, trying to hide behind baggy t-shirts and to avoid any kind of athletic activity for fear of failing. I want to tell you that you are more than your outward appearance. You are worth fighting for. When you laugh, you make all your cabin smile. You are wonderfully and uniquely you.

I see you. The girl who does the right things, the one who is always volunteering and helping others. I see your love for Jesus and when you go up front to the pastor's call in front of all your friends. I see the way you are making a difference and changing lives already.

I see you. You are so skinny and you have beautiful hair but you spend an hour fixing it every day and coating your face just before your pool activities. I watch you glancing at the guys with longing. I see the need in your heart to be filled.

I see you and I care about you. I want to help you. I want you to realize that you are golden. You are something special. You are worth it. If only hugs, ice cream, and stickers could solve the wounds and scars on your hearts.

But I can't fix your problems. I can show you I care, and most importantly I can introduce you to the one who loves you.

To the one who knows each scar on your body
To the one who understands each thing that makes you smile
To the one who knows what kind of family you come from
To the one who sees the way everybody else treats you
To the one who knows you better than you know yourself
To the one who loves you crazily; Who is obsessed about you; Who calls you by your real name; Who wants to kiss you goodnight

This man is the one I want to tell you about. He knows, He sees, and He loves.
Will you listen?

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  1. Oh Brooke. This is my cry for each of my girls this say it so beautifully. Thank you. :)