Monday, June 8, 2015


Ever since my friend Rachel posted the words to the song Gratitude by Nichole Nordeman, this song has become my heart cry each and every day. The words just really speak to me. I love that it's surrendering our selfishness, our desires, our dreams and hopes and just truly saying to God "I'm going to praise you. I'm going to thank you no matter what."

Whatever you are needing, whatever you are begging God for: whether it be a friend, boyfriend, a job, wisdom, an answer to prayer, or healing, do you have the faith to thank God right now? Do you trust Him enough to give that thing up and thank Him for being enough for you?

If God says no. Is that ok with you?
Do you trust that He'll provide for you in other ways?

Will we give thanks to God for our challenges? For our struggles, for being made fun of, for being hated, because we believe that persecution teaches us endurance? Will we praise God for the hard parts of our life that keep us at night, the ways we have been wounded?

At summer camp, will we thank God for the annoying camper that asks too many questions, for the hyper girl, for the child that goes to the nurse every single hour? Will we thank God for the opportunity to love, for the opportunity to smile, for the opportunity to be a kid again? Will we praise God because we have the opportunity to change lives?

God change my attitude. Change my heart when I am selfish. Change my heart when I am tired and lazy. Help me to always praise you. May the campers and other staff always see Jesus in me. Thank you Lord.

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