Monday, June 29, 2015

Fighting in the army

"I'm no longer captured. I will fight. Left right left right I'm a soldier in the army of Christ. I'll fight; I'll fight for the rest of my life."  Will you really dear child? Are you fighting?At our summer camp we were blessed to have this young band come out and play for our tween week. Their name is Contagious Faith; check them out. The lyrics have really made me think.

Sometimes I feel like I am not strong enough to be a soldier. I feel so lonely and so spiritually weak to be leading people to Jesus. I don't feel qualified, capable, or ready to be "Spiritual Director" the title so easily deemed on me this summer. Only by God's grace, can I ever show His love and do a good job.

We had this open question and answer mic time with the tween campers and they asked me a few questions about my personal life and my walk with God. They asked me when I really got to know Christ and if I really read my Bible every day. I took the opportunity to be blatantly honest with them and tell them that my spiritual life is a fight-it's a battle that's not easy. I told them that I love walking with God but their are times when I don't feel Him near. I told them that it wasn't something easy and sometimes it seemed like I was just putting one foot in front of another. We talked about the fact that life is a battle between God and the Devil and sometimes it will be so hard; but the struggle will always be worth it.

We talked about personal choices and boundaries in relationships, movies, and music. Sometimes I want to give things up. It gets tempting to take control of your own life when thinks aren't going the way you hope. I think this song just really encourages me because it reminds me that I'm not the only one fighting. That all around the world, there are young people, just like me who are choosing to live a life worthy of a higher calling and that are making sacrifices for the life changing man named Jesus Christ. And when I remember that there is an army of youth; and our time is now; I am encouraged that I want to fight.

Even if it only be one step in front of the other- making it through each day one kind word at a time. I choose to fight the battle for Christ and do what I can to help others' join His side. And one day the victory shall be ours and heaven shall be a joyous celebration indeed.

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