Wednesday, May 6, 2015

So Many Miracles

I remember 8 months ago not being able to focus, always at the verge of tears- thinking that I was uncapable of concentrating in school and making good grades, not knowing what career to do and feeling total distress. I remember thinking it's gonna take a miracle to get me through this year.

I remember 18 months ago, lying in my bed that had a mosquito net covering it and sobbing through the night because my hands hurt so bad. I couldn't move them. It was like they were paralyzed and they itched and had two huge blisters on them and I remember praying God get me through the night, I need a miracle. I needed healing.

I remember 21 months ago, sitting in a medical clinic in Peru and being told I had to learn to give shots and practice them on my friends. I remember being terrified and hating the idea and I knew that it was gonna take a miracle to get me through that medical-focused year.

28 months ago, I remember wanting to go serve God as a missionary and I remember my parents saying no and my friends telling me I was too young and uncapable. I remember wanting to go serve but knowing that it was gonna take me a miracle for my parents to say yes and for me to get accepted to AMOR since I had no medical experience.

All of these situations- God provided! God helped me in school. He healed me when I had a weird jungle disease. He helped me overcome some of my biggest fears in the medical field completely changing my career. He used me in Peru and helped me fall in missions.Today, I finished my last test of the year and got good grades. I got my blood results back from the clinic- and I'm healthy!

I never thought I would be where I am today- becoming a nurse (the last thing I everrr wanted) and getting a masters degree in global community development- and going back to camp to be spiritual director. I'm so excited. God is changing me and my character and my passions. He is so good and has done so many miracles. I'm just so grateful.

I know that I will continue to need miracles from God... and that He will continue to prove faithful for all of my needs =)

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