Monday, April 27, 2015

what money means

Money means that I can go to an Adventist university
But my friend around the world can't finish high school

Money means that I get to choose a career and what I would like to study
While others get what they can take: working out in the fields, janitorial work, or fast food for life, barely earning the means for survival

Money means that in the states if you are disabled you still have hope
In other countries, being paralyzed is life termination because nobody has money for that kind of treatment

Money means power- power over your own life.
And sadly enough, power over many others'.

You may not think you are rich. But if you are reading this blog, then you are richer than 3/4ths of the world. You are the wealthy, the privileged, the people who live in "dreamy America". Because you have money (even though you may be a college student that thinks you are in debt) you have a responsibility for how you will use that money.

I want to tell you about one of my friends *Rachel. I met Rachel when I was living in an orphanage in Peru. She was funny and smart and full of life and dreams. She wanted to be a lawyer so she could help bring justice to her country. One day Rachel told me her story. She was born in a little ghetto in Peru and raised in a shack without lighting. When she was about five years old her mom and dad got divorced and her mom told the court that she didn't want anything to do with Rachel. Rachel was left with her dad who didn't care much about Rachel either. Rachel grew up with no food, living in the dark, she would walk outside and beg for a bite to eat or sugar. She would collect the rain from the sky for water and would mix in sugar for food. She was extremely malnourished. Somehow God provided a way for her to enter the local school but life still wasn't good at home. Rachel's dad began abusing her. One day he beat her hard on the face with a belt. Rachel had to go to school that day and everybody saw her scars and asked what happened. After that social services sent Rachel to the orphanage for a couple months but eventually because of lack of orphanage funding they had to send her back to her home with her abusive father.

Rachel messaged me today. Rachel is one of my best friends, one of my little girls. Rachel told me she doesn't have money for school anymore. She told me she wants to get a career and be able to be something in the world but that because she doesn't have 300 pesos ($100) she doesn't know if she can. Rachel asked me for money. She begs me to help her because she doesn't know who she will ask. With only $100 I can help Rachel go to school.

I am torn. I don't know what I should do.
I want to help Rachel go to school but it's not that simple.

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