Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sometimes things work out..

This morning God totally worked out a concern I had with who would be my roommate next semester. I was praying about it this morning during prayer group and then I finished praying and the whole group got silent.. and I heard this girl who I know named Christine saying really loudly that she didn't have a roommate. And so I look up from prayer and look at my friend praying next to me smile and then continue praying. At the end of the prayer, I felt like I should go talk to her about being room mates and through the day we decided that we would enjoy rooming together. I'm really excited because I know she really loves God, and orphans, and is doing nursing just like me so I think we already have alot in common. And I feel like the whole thing was totally meant to be--

Something I've been learning lately is that sometimes God works out things better than we could have ever dreamed or imagined...
But sometimes He doesn't work things out the way we would like.

Sometimes God heals people when we pray to Him and other times a beloved member of our family may die.

Sometimes God intervenes and helps us to overcome situations leading to great glory for His name and joy in our hearts and other times God asks us to endure difficult and even unfair situations.

Somewhere around the world right now there's a child who is crying because of hunger and for some reason God allows them to suffer and die.

Meanwhile, I'm here living a rich (you are rich too- you have a computer) life here in America and God is blessing my life.

And sometimes I wonder WHY..
Why does God intervene for some and not for others?
Some may call God unloving but I know with all my heart  that this is not the reason. That is a horrible lie of the Devil and only because of him and sin does suffering exis. God has done everything in His power to prove to us His love and one day we will see with new light why things have occurred the way they have...

I don't think we will ever fully understand the ways of God. But we must trust Him because we know His character and that His ways are justice and His love is neverfailing.

**I think it's an illusion in the Christian faith that God will work things out according to the way we want. Like when we truly follow God and surrender to Him, we are gonna find that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and our prayers are going to overcome our illnesses or we aren't going to struggle anymore with sins. We think that when we go into the mission field, God will automatically protect us and that if we tithe, God will make us rich. I think these are faulty beliefs and we have no right to think we deserve these things. Sometimes God doesn't desire for us to have these things of the world.

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