Thursday, April 2, 2015


I have happy news for you guys.

I have gotten accepted to the nursing program for next fall and winter =) This will be the beginning of another huge journey with me and God. Nursing is something so special for me.

It's something I NEVER would have imagined myself doing. Something I never wanted to do and never thought I could do. But ever since Peru, when God helped me overcome some of my medical fears (little by little) (I am still a (big) little afraid). He showed me the gift of compassion and my love for helping people, especially little children.

I am excited to start the nursing program and I am hopeful that soon and I can learn to help terminally ill children or serve in an orphanage in another country taking care of the children's medical needs.. OR maybe not- who knows what God has planned for me.

But guys let me tell you.. when you truly surrender everything to God.
He is going to do CRAZY things in your life.
All the time I find myself questioning Who am I? Who am I now? Because I find myself acting like less and less of me and more and more like the character of Christ..
It's a slow process but God's grace is more than enough to cover you.
And His story that He's writing will be beautifully perfect for your heart.

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