Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grace abound

"My hands are dirty...
I dare not lift them up to the Holy One

I've been hiding afraid I let you down..
Inside I doubt
that you could love me
But in your eyes there's only grace abound"

Mercy- this song really speaks to my heart
No matter how we fall, how deep we fall, or where we fall
God's arms are reaching out to us and He's whispering
Can I hold you?

Satan wants us to feel afraid, ashamed, unworthy
He wants us to feel weak and overcome by sin
But Jesus calls on us to have faith

"You need not feel like a new creation in order to step out in faith and believe Christ has made you a new creature"- GYCSE

Perfection is the process of growing towards God. May we not look back or fall weary,.. but may we trust God's hands to grip us and carry us through....

This year for me I have felt so far away from God. Coming back from the mission field- I had been feeling God's presence so alive- and when I returned back to the states I felt like I was drowning. I know God never failed me but at times it felt like I didn't know who He was or if we had a relationship anymore. This semester God has brought new friends in my life that have helped carry me through points of spiritual weakness and inspire me to have real faith again. Praying with them in the mornings, studying the Bible with them, and starting to give Bible studies again has been such a blessing. This last weekend I got the opportunity to go to GYC-SE and actually share my mission story their too. I felt like God was specifically speaking to me. Our relationship with Christ isn't based on feelings. He will never run out of grace for us. His love is so amazing!

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