Friday, April 3, 2015

CROSS- does it change your life?

I've heard the crucifixion story countless times. I've seen the movies, the plays and the pageants, sometimes even helping play the roels. Sometimes it seems we have replayed the movie so many times that when we hear it we are simply going through the motions in our head.

We must stop. Daily we must contemplate the cross- not just a story that happened in the past- but as an event that gives us freedom and victory each and everyday. We must stop simply replaying the story, but we must arise boldly and boast in our testimonies how the cross has changed our life. When we live out our stories of how Christ's redemptive power transformed our life, we glorify God and help others to realize Jesus' death is real and He is alive.

What does the cross really mean? What does it mean for you? Has it really changed your life? Or is it just another story lying in a dusty book on the shelf? Does it change you? Does it define you? Or did it just happen?
I challenge you to take 10 minutes and think about the cross and what it means for you.

For me, the cross means that I can be spiritual director at summer camp. It means that despite my enormous flaws, shortages, and insecurities Christ still desires to use me in beautiful ways. The cross means that I can have the hope of being a missionary someday- that I can tell others that Jesus loves them- that I can smile and dance. Without the cross, I would be depressed, hurting, and alone but because of the cross I have second chances, hope, and freedom. The cross means that every day I have a reason to live because I have the hope of living with Jesus in heaven. The cross means that I am healed.

What does the cross mean for you? What does it mean for you today? And what hope does the cross offer you? I challenge you to share your story and encourage someone else to realize the power of the cross.

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