Thursday, April 2, 2015

Body, mind, and spirit- unbalanced

Body, Mind, and spirit- Each are beautifully intertwined in creating a child of God at heart.

Your body: You may very well know exactly how your health is doing and how you feel about it. Most likely you are on one extreme or the other: you are constantly loving your body or you are constantly criticizing your body. You probably know that you need to work out more, eat healthier, and the check list continues... or maybe you are a gym rat and know exactly what size and weight you, as well as your waist measurements and resting heart rate. We take care of our body by developing patterns of healthy nutrition, exercise, and sleep and when our bodies are messed up we quickly see and feel the results. We are irritable, in pain, angry, disorganized, slacking in class, gaining weight.. the list could continue. We can visibly see the effects of our body and measure how we are doing. Without good health, it may be difficult to maintain focus in school, develop good relationships, and even sustain a close walk with the Lord. A few ways Satan tries to attack our body is with sugar, disease, laziness, eating disorders, low self-esteem, gluttony.

Your mind: Your mind has to do with self- talk, emotions, feelings, facts, and processing experiences. How do you handle stress? How often are you depressed vs being joyful? How do you view yourself and other people? Do you smile or laugh during a day? Are you content with your life? How do you do in school or in challenging situations? Satan often tries to attack our minds by using the "little lie tactic". He teaches us small lies that we believe as young children and begin to base our lives upon. Lies like "I'm not good enough. I'm not pretty enough. I won't ever be able too. I can't do that. I'm not skilled in that area.." The result is depression, anxiety, unfriendliness, judgement, egoism, shame, despair, suicidal thoughts...

Your spirit: How is your relationship with God? How connected are you to the Father? How are the Fruits of the Spirit manifested in your life? Are you spiritually strong or spiritually struggling. Do people see Jesus in you? Do you spend time in daily prayer and scripture reading or do you struggle with the desire to read your Bible? Satan attacks our spirit by making us feel lonely, unloved by others and God, by distracting us and making us too busy to spend time with Christ, and by putting temptations and sin in front of our faces in order to make us struggle.

"One step at a time my child"... If you have just read through this article judging yourself and feeling like you are letting God down in one or more of these areas in your life, I encourage you to stop for a moment and let God tell you.

"I love you with an everlasting love. Nothing you do or fail to do can ever make me love you more or less."- God

Now that we hear God's voice, I think God wants to teach us something important about our body, mind, and spirit. Our spirit comes first. Our mind comes second and finally a healthy body will follow. This is a sinful world, and we will struggle and we will all fail in some way or another if we strive to do this life on our own. But when we give God the reigns to our life in it's entirety (our lonely or selfish spirits, our doubtful and self-conscious minds, our eating disorders, fatness, or disease.)

This won't be easy. This is in contrast to our natural desires. We want to fix our own bodies. We look at the mirrors and hire personal trainers, we binge and starve ourselves, we go to doctors for cosmetic surgeries, and worst of all we cry and plead for healing from devastating diseases on our bodies. Yet the more we strive without Christ at the center, the more selfish, un-Christ-like, discouraged, and ultimately Satanic we will become.

I'm speaking to you from personal experience. I've struggled with an eating disorder and depression and I've tried to fix it by counseling or by diet or exercise. But these things (which are not bad in of them selves) can not replace our need for Jesus. Jesus wants to fill our hearts and as His love overflows I believe His wisdom and healing will flow out of our hearts and into our minds and bodies.

If you are spiritually struggling, you are not alone. I am too. I have been fighting with God and trying to fix my life's problems with other things. Yet I encourage you to not give up on Christ and to know that you are not alone. We are all going to have weaknesses in one thing or another but if we stop looking at Christ, Satan will make us feel like our weaknesses have overcame us. They haven't. Christ is stronger. Christ wants your spirit, your mind, and your body to serve Him forever, May God bless =)

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