Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear God, I quit

Dear God
I quit
I quit trying to do this on my own
I quit striving for perfection
I quit hoping that I will amount to something of worth
Because I won't

Dear God
I'm stopping
I'm stopping praying scripted prayers
And babbling off blessings like I'm righteous
I'm stopping the sound of religion
The notes of a choir
Because that's not what's happening

Dear God
I'm tired of pretending
That everything outside is going great
When inside it's falling apart
I'm tired of pasting on makeup
And instead ready to show others
My broken heart

Dear God
I'm quitting pretending that I don't need you
Each and every day
I'm quitting doing this on my own
Because I can't
Instead I choose to rely
On your perfect strength
To fill me.

Dear God
I'm quitting me.
I'm serving you.
I know you'll be enough for everything.

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