Friday, February 13, 2015

Dead faith

Like stench from the dead
Bones on the grave
My faith lies
Asleep in the dirt

Barely awake
It pops up his eyes
Afraid to move
Scarred and hurt

Awaiting the kiss
Of a friend or a knight
To sweep out of the dreams
Of bliss

I look around  clapping crowds of joy
And wonder what did I miss
Where is the joy, hope, and love
I've preached about day by day

Where is my best friend
To whom I must only pray
Where if life when I'm blind
How do I walk when I can't see

How can I be a witness?
Why should someone mimick me?
I'm trying to feel my way through darkness
But I'm struggling just to breathe

This is a silent war
That happens in my dreams
This is torture and chaos
The crying, mocking screams

I believe God is alive
Even when His spirit in me feels dead
I believe Jesus works
Through my biggest weaknesses

Jesus show me the light.
Resuscitate me again
Deep down I know you're real
I know your still my best friend.

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