Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Check box

Lately I've been noticing myself developing a habit that I'm not too happy about.
At the end of a day I will put a big X on the calendar. I like looking at all the X's on the month and realizing wow I'm almost done.

Maybe you can relate. Often we think, I can't wait until... Or my life will be better when... It's so easy to settle with hoping life will be better in the future instead of changing it for ourselves in the present.

Almost done with what though?
What am I living for is life is nothing more than surviving?
One x after the other.
Sure, I love summer but what a shame it would be to live 12 months and only love 3 of them.
Doesn't God call us to live differently? Isn't every day a gift from God- another chance to love one another and Him- a blessing and a miracle?

Yes we all have rough days. We all have struggles and rain, but we all have a chance to look up in the sky and see the rainbows that God gives us to make us smile. We also have a chance to change our lives- no one owes us anything. We have the chance to make changes if we want to live differently.

Psalm 118:24 says "This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it."

I challenge you to remember that life is more than getting through..
Life is more than that person that makes you mad,,
Then that boy or girl you wish you have or have...
That life is more than the work you hate
Your hardest class
And even your best friend
That life is a gift
Each day a chance to love someone else
Because that's the way Jesus loves you

Dear God, teach me to find joy in you. Fill my heart with more of your spirit and more of your love. Create in me a clean heart oh God. Give me strength and perseverance to fight the war on your side.

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