Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I talked to one of my friends who was serving with me in Peru today. He told me he was in Uganda. I was just so blown away with jealousy and wonder. He has been serving for two years in a row! And I asked God why can't I go back and do missions right now? Why can't I travel the world and take care of orphans or especially go visit Africa?

I changed the name of this blog to follower because that's what I want to be (I pray you do too). I don't want to be a wanderer, or a leader, or someone who just chases their dreams in the wind. I want to follow Christ's footsteps wherever that may be (in a nursing home, in a school, in a hospital, or in the mission field).

It's easy to look at somebody else's life and say "that looks like fun" or "if only I had that" my relationship with God would be great. It's harder to remember that God has put you where He wants you- and our job is to serve Him with everything we have.

In college it's interesting because the hot question is "What are you studying?" and it can either be looked upon with excitement as an opportunity to brag ex: "I'm a pre-med biophysiology major with a minor in French and Spanish..." or just a mundane answer such as I'm studying construction or I'm becoming a nurse. But I think the more important question is Why? Why are you doing that?

Not just what classes, what extracurriculars, and what job are you working but WHY do you do that? Why are you living for that? Why are you striving to become that? Why are you working so hard? Who are you serving?

Sometimes I think we have to slow down our day and remember WHY because it's easy to forget.

As my teacher told our class today "Obstacles are what happen when your eyes lose track of the goal."

May we follow Jesus with eyes looking above unwavering wherever He puts us.

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