Friday, January 30, 2015

Does your love do?

How do you show that you love God? How do you show God that you love Him?
How do you show someone that you love them?

- You don't avoid them. Don't lie to them. Don't disobey them. Don't steal, don't murder, don't put other things before them. Don't..... When you tell someone what a Seventh Day Adventist is? What is your answer?

It's easy to catch yourself saying "I don't eat this kind of meat. I don't dance or go watch those kinds of movies. I don't take advantage of guys and I don't have premarital sex."

But what do you DO?
What does walking with God really look like?

When we compare ourselves to others we find ourselves justifying our spiritual life saying "I'm better off than them. I'm doing ok at least I don't do that. But Christ calls us to LIVE in Him, not just follow His rules, but to live a life of love in His footsteps.

Diligence in doing small things.
Perseverance in never giving up on other people.
Being the friend that gives more than they receive
Loving the awkward and the ugly
Giving money even though you don't have enough for school
Being kind to your teachers
Serving others instead of spending time with your friends
Forgiving friends who hurt you
Being persecuted for doing the right thing
Not getting the credit you deserve for a job extraordinarily done
Spending time on your knees in prayer
Going somewhere private to read your Bible when you are all alone
Asking the Holy Spirit every day to come into your heart and transform you

I want to challenge you "What has God done for you this week? And What have you done for God to demonstrate your love for Him?"

A great place to start is to open His Word.

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