Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day by day

Day by day, it's gonna be ok
Follow Jesus, do it His way
When things get hard
Just push on through
Life will get better
He'll get you through

Day by day- my latest "miracles"

-I'm not in culture shock anymore. I understand America and I'm beginning to feel like I can fit in here.

-The hospital program, Christmas caroling, went so amazing. I was totally stressing over nothing. God worked it out- with just the right amount of people, drivers, and even two guitar players. I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to find one guitar player but I figured it was God's way of saying "I got this".

-I get to teach a fitness class next semester on strength training. I'm so excited =)

-My phone that was in shattered pieces finally got fixed. Every time I would look at it and be sad I would tell myself "my life is just like that; broken pieces" and God would remind me.. "in the hands of the very best artist and restorer".

- One of my writings got published in the Herald magazine and I got paid for it. I hardly even remembered I submitted an article.

God is good. He is so good. I often don't understand how I can be so blessed while others are not.
I feel like God says "You are blessed so you can bless."

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