Tuesday, December 30, 2014

American Dream

Sometimes I just get so frustrated by materialism. WANT WANT WANT- There is always something else. You will never have enough. There will always be more, always better. When do you stop wanting things and say "Wow I am richly blessed." When will we be satisfied instead of wanting something more...

It's so easy to fall captive to lies and think that if we just had one more thing our life would be so much better.

Even if jewels or money isn't your thing, when will you feel self confident about your body, or when will your old backpacking gear suffice? Do you always need the new thing? Will we always compare what we have to other people instead of thanking God for what we have?

Money is such a root of all evil. I see it everywhere but the richer you get, the more money seems to be a problem. Yes the poor people have money problems too but often it's not their money that destroys relationships. But with those who have a lot of money, it seems that so often their lives revolve around money.

The American Dream is idolized in our culture today. In can come in different styles sporty, chick, musical, jock... but the result is very similar: hot girlfriend or boyfriend, lots of money, expensive getaway wedding, big house, expensive car, and eventually beautiful grandkids.

And the thing is everyone makes it sound so wonderful and lovely. The movies make life like that seem like a party, something that can happen to anyone who works hard. Music and magazines say work harder and you can have this dream life too. Work harder so you can be beautiful. Study so you can have a top executive career and make the biggest bucks. Flirt better so you can score the gold mine- the rich sailor from London.

But what if this American dream isn't reality? What if it is simply a dream? Wishful optimistic over the rainbow, Wizard of Oz kinda thing. Because I don't know about you, but I have never seen the American Dream in real life?

I've seen rich families, rich kids, cute couples, and perfect jobs, flawless girls, and chiseled guys that all feel depressed sometimes, get angry with their friends, and wonder if there's more to life... But I've never seen anyone live "happily ever after" because of what they have.

Some people think "it's ok to dream". Dream about being rich, dream about marrying the perfect guy, dream about Disney World, dream about that diamond ring--

But if we are followers of Christ. Doesn't He call us to a higher standard, a higher way of thinking.

In Exodus 20:17 it says do not covet. Have we forgotten this commandment? The definition of coveting is yearning to possess something that isn't ours. Thus Christ asks us to be thankful and content for what we have and not to constantly desire things He hasn't blessed us with.

The Bible also says that it is more difficult for a rich man to get to heaven then it is for a camel to go through an eye of a needle (Matthew 19:24). As citizens of one of the richest countries in the world, the USA, I think we should take this verse a little more seriously.

God calls us to follow Him and throw aside anything that may cause us to stumble. If we want to follow Christ, we must be very careful where our thoughts and hearts may be leading us towards. If we find that we are seeking out possessions, other humans, boyfriends, husbands, or girlfriends over Christ- God says we must demolish these things so that they do not stop us from entering into Christ's glory.

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