Sunday, November 9, 2014

Under the veil

A veil
of red
across my face

Covers the love
Covers the hate
Makes me seem exactly like you
Or at the least in the way you want me too

It's safe it seems
It's more secure
Covered from hurting and closed doors

No need to be afraid of me
I won't question your dignity
When you ask me how I am
I'll tell you I'm just fine

Yet kiss your cheek
And wash your feet
I'll politely decline

Because I don't know you.
I see you every day
but you've never taken the time to stay
When you asked me how I am you never stopped to listen...

I wore this veil for many days
Until I journeyed far away
Into a country much different
With things and people I never knew

I met a woman there
Who showed me how much she cared
She took her veil off around me
I decided to take mine off too

Unveiled I felt free to breathe
I could run and truly seize
Life and opportunity
Friends that felt like family

With the people I met
And the places I went
I kissed their cheeks
I caressed their hair
And I cried over them

And they hugged me
And laughed with me
And dried my tears when I was sad
And we prayed together
And we washed each other's feet
Because we loved each other

Then I had to leave my journey
To return back to my place
Which had the name of home
Yet the feeling of disgrace

And I had to say goodbye
To the people who I knew
The people who I loved
The people who were true
And the people who unveiled me

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