Saturday, November 22, 2014

Remembering last thanksgiving

I spent last Thanksgiving in Peru with the people above: my fellow student missionaries who became my best friends and my family and three little kids who were in desperate need for love and care. It was a Thanksgiving quite different from all others. It began with great excitement, shock, and grief as we woke up to discover our prized turkey (the first and only one we were getting all year) was a bloody mess on our kitchen floor because our dog Max got hungry.

We were quite sad about not being able to see our own families and we were a little homesick too but nevertheless we decided we must cook our own fabulous Thanksgiving meal. We cut millions of apples to make apple pie, we had mashed potatos and sweet potatos, cooked green beans, and even salvaged that half-eaten turkey. It took us a few hours of cooking since everything in Peru had to be made from scratch but it was definitely worth it.

One of the amazing parts of our Thanksgiving was the fact that we got to spend it with Artimaeo and the two twins (above). I loved Artimaeo and he loved me too, so much that he called me mommy. His own mommy hadn't been taking good care of him and got in trouble with the state so Artimaeo came to live us with a week and we cooked for him, played with him, and took him as our own.. as well as his two little baby twin sisters whom my friends did an amazing job of taking care of.

We even went swimming on Thanksgiving in that hot Peruvian sun. I did anyways and I remember taking my baby Artimaeo with me and trying to teach him for the first time. He really loved the water.

In Peru there was so much to be thankful for. God was so good to us. He protected us, he provided for us, and he blessed us. He taught us how to love one another and get along despite our silly arguments, God unified our hearts in service toward Him.

I'm so thankful for Peru. I'm so thankful for the people that I spent time in Peru with- they all sculpted the way I think and changed my life in so many ways. They make me laugh and smile just thinking about them. I want to thank them because they are my best friends and greatest heroes. I miss them so much.

It's almost thanksgiving 2014- almost exactly a year from that special day we spent together thanking God in Peru. Life is so different now. Our Peruvian familia is split apart in different sides of North America, the weather is cold and snowy here instead of intensely hot, the people around me speak English and have known me most of my life, there are no mosquitos threatening to eat our Thanksgiving dinner, no dog to destroy our turkey... but despite these differences God is still good. I still have things to be thankful for. I do miss Peru more than I can describe. I do miss my Peruvian familia more than you can imagine. But I do love God more and more as He provides for me and I am thankful that His ways are higher than my ways =)

A blog post from last thanksgiving "Wow today is a Thanksgiving like no other and I'm just so thankful for it- exactly the way it is. Sure, if I could have my family with me here- well that would just make this unbearably joyful- but even the way it is- it's crazy chaos with max and the kittens devouring our turkey, and crazy joy with the babies and three year old to kiss and hug. At 5 o clock our feast will start complete with mashed potatos, caramelized sweet potatos, turkey stuffing, and a nice apple pie. Plus we have each other, a unique but amazing family that I love and will miss so very much. 

Today I'm wearing my little skirt I made out of fabric I got at a fabric store here. It's flowery and bright. I'm also hanging out a lot with Artemias who has had a good day licking my peanut butter forks and going swimming. (His favorite food is peanut butter and every time I share it with him I let him lick the fork. He just loves it and devours it like no other =)

I haven't seen any rats today- yay thank you God- since yesterday one went into my suitcase. I haven't seen any leeches either since yesterday Katy Kat and I cleaned the showers and restrooms (Leeches= for real gross) This morning though the boys delivered a special Thanksgiving surprise raw turkey claw right to my room and later to my bathroom while I was trying to change for swimming. What a shocker ;)

Tomorrow on Black Friday as people call it in the states, I will be getting to go Christmas shopping for the orphans for the first time! We have collected at least $1000 and just today we obtained the list with all of the orphan girls and boys.

Happy Thanksgiving. To all my family and friends back home I think about you all the time and love you more than I express. I am so thankful to God for your support and love =)"

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