Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nursing- oh my

Today I walked into my drugs and society class and my teacher told me congratulations. I looked at him with this sly smile and I was like "Congratulations for what?" And he's just like you know.. on getting accepted into the nursing program. I was just thinking How did he know? And now he's telling me congratulations when I haven't even told my friends and some of my family that I'm switching to nursing.... oh boy...

So I'm switching to nursing!! Now most people are like what? This girl is crazy... she HATED nurses and doctors, shots, the medical field, and the idea of wiping people's butts as a career (stereotype ;)... and she always said how she would NEVER want to do that. And some people are like.. are you just giving up on physical therapy because it's hard?

But my answer is: Nursing is a God thing. When I was in Peru, I overcame many of my fears about the medical field. I learned to give shots and give stitches and take care of people. I learned that I love first aid and taking care of someone while their suffering or in pain. I learned that nursing is super practical in the mission field and in so many areas of life and I love how much I like helping little kids who are hospitalized and making them feel better or smile.

I want to be a nurse because I want to be the hands and feet of Christ to little kids who are in pain and suffering from terrible diseases. I want to show them that they can still have hope of a better life with Jesus. I want to be a nurse in the mission field in places where they cannot afford medical help.

I didn't just stumble upon the idea of nursing.. in fact God's perfect timing really just showed me His will in my career. I went to my physical therapy adviser and they suggested that I do nursing based on what I told them I wanted to do with missions.,, then a nurse came to talk to us about being a nurse in a totally unrelated class.. and then one of my best friends told me I would be an amazing nurse because of how I took care of her when she was sick... Alot of things happened at once and about one month ago, the day God finally gave me an impression that I should consider nursing was the last day to apply to get into nursing this semester. I went to see an adviser and took the nursing test without studying- I did everything super fast- and I prayed that God would do His will. And I'm super surprised- I got in.

I might go further than just nursing and get a Masters degree in Global Health or become a nurse practitioner.. but I don't know about that yet. All I know is I just got in the nursing program and I'm just praising God for doing His will in my life and not mine.

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